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What’s your favourite sales tracking addon for Wow gold ?

Firstly, I’d like to state that I’m not dead and that there is indeed a reason why I’m not publishing […]


I Hate WoW Achievements

As the title says, I hate WoW achievements. Why ? Because I enjoy PvP in WoW. Specifically, in battlegrounds. Yes, […]

Elemental invasion part 4

What an epic event this was, I havent had as much fun in wow for a pretty long time now, […]


Wow : Cash Flow Positive Leveling

This is very relevant to me personally at the moment because like a lot of players I’m trying to level […]


Gold Earning

It just struck me — I might have to change the name of a key portion / section of this […]

Wow : Ideas for New Auction House Features

The current WoW auction house has good and bad features.  The standard auction house interface is poor, but Blizzard’s facilitation […]

Thoughts on Pyrite

Something that I’ve been seeing quite a lot of is people /laughing at those of us who have pyrite ore […]

Sales Week

First week of March is complete, let’s look at what happened on Wow ! Beginning of Week Gold: 572,929g End […]


Wow : Mogging Fever

So it’s been about a month since I paused the blog and the last few days I’ve been itching to […]

Daily Routine

note : this will be a ‘living draft’ that i’ll continue to update. Login to Peilan, check scroll sales, cancel […]