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Holy priest has made over 150 gold

My holy priest has done very well for herself regarding making WOW gold. She was created last Sunday and already has made over 150G. Not bad at all for a level 28 Holy priest.

If you check the screenshot, you’ll see that currently I have a little over 80 gold on hand. The remaining money as I mentioned in previous post about WOW gold was spent purchasing a variety of items, upgrading some of my priest gear, food, health, mana, etc.,

Making money is fairly easy in WOW (see : gold for mmo games ) and in many ways doing business in WOW is similar to my real life business. It’s important to know the market. That’s extremely important since you can then use it to your advantage.


Kaleera, is my bank toon that sells my priest’s items at the Orgrimmar auction house. Smart move since it saves my priest from running back and forth to sell items and it keeps her doing what she I want her to do, questing, crafting, and doing instances.

When I checked Kaleera a few moments ago, I saw more people had bid on my auctions. It looks as though I might actually make over 200G today. I had posted about 50 earlier today, and it looks like most of them are selling. Sweet!

WOW gold update

Checking my bank toon I noticed that my auctions started to roll in so I have made over 200 gold within my first week playing this new toon. At the moment I have a little 112 gold sitting in my bank and I still have several auctions that need to clear. It definitely wasn’t a goal I was trying to reach however attaining it has been fairly easy.

Having enough for a mount wasn’t a big deal I knew I would have it before I hit level 30. I’m glad that I have additional money after buying the mount and training.

Dungeons: Shadowfang Keep & Scarlet Monastery-Graveyard

I ran three instances today; Shadowfang Keep twice and Scarlet Monastery- Graveyards once. For SK that went fairly quickly since level 70’s were involved. Naturally I’ll be returning the favor when I get higher although I help people out now I’ll be able to do more as I get higher.

It took every point of mana I had to keep the party in Scarlet Monastery alive and that was because some within the group decided to do their own thing. While the tank was concentrating on a mob two ran off (rogue and a warlock) and started killing other mobs, naturally chaos ensued. They ran back to the squishies (Myself an a shadow priest) to get their heals. Of course this meant more mobs were drawn into the fray and that is when the fun begin.

Those two almost died, including our tank, who was naturally pissed off at the two who were doing their own thing. I had a hard time getting close enough to the tank to heal him with the additional mobs that were brought into the picture and me trying to keep the hate generated at me at an all time low. I was hammered a few times before they lost interest (fade worked) and I was able to heal our tank.

Thank goodness that I have a lot of mana. I hope I’m not paired with too many groups like that. The good thing is I didn’t overheal this time. I’m learning.

Below is another screenshot of my bank toon hanging out by Orgrimmer’s bank.