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Sales Week Ending 6/20

Late post tonight.  Family was in town for lunch so I’ve been preoccupied most of the day.  Without further ado, let’s get into this week.

Beginning of Week Gold: 608,000g
End of Week Gold: 702,460g
Increase/Decrease: 94,460g Increase

Sales : 179,590g
Spending : 85,912g
Profit/Loss : 93,678g

Avg. Price per Item : 179g 94s 99c

Things look a little different now.  I will explain shortly.

Sales were up from last week while items sold were down, which means my average price per item is up.  Spending was down a great deal this week, which I attribute to the lack of toys bought.  For right now I’m content with what I have and am not looking to acquire any more gold sinks.

I’ve been wanting to get a little more detailed in my collection of data and now have had a week to put it to work.  I included the second group, ‘Profit/Loss’ more specifically, because I do earn and spend gold in categories that I don’t track, like LFR or LFD income or spending on raiding repairs.  I like how it turned out.

I also noticed a problem this week with my screenshot timing.  Although I can’t show one way or another, there is a possibility that I was including an extra day in my sales.  I caught it this week and had to wait a few more hours to get the correct data.  Going forward this possibility has been eliminated.

Gold Breakdown of Sales :
Gems : 63,177g
Enchants : 81,444g
Glyphs : 16,835g
Othe r: 18,134g

Quantity Breakdown of Sales :
Gems : 564
Enchants : 65
Glyphs : 303
Other : 66

Since I started tracking glyph quantities, this is the lowest they have been.  The previous low was 454, just two weeks ago.

Top page is unchanged yet again.

I hope you like the changes I made.  I know I like them because I feel I have a better grip on the details.  I’m sure the layout will continue to evolve and if there’s something I’m leaving out that you would like to see just let me know and I’ll be happy to adjust as I deem necessary.

Until next week, happy sales !

Sales Week Ending 2/27

Another week finished, let’s get into it !

Beginning of Week Gold: 702,460g
End of Week Gold: 572,929g
Increase/Decrease: 129,531g Decrease

Sales: 149,734g
Spending: 273,322g
Profit/Loss: 123,588 Loss

Avg. Price Per Item: 124g 98s 74c

Sales are down ~30k from last week but this doesn’t disappoint me much.  A lot of the spending this week was for fun things, like gearing out my warlock and druid, which amounted to 168,421g.  When you remove that from the ‘Spending’ category above the end result is a profit of 44,833g.

Breakdown of Sales:
Gems: 530 sold for 45,206g, avg. item price of 85g 26s 43c
Enchants: 49 sold for 66,477g, avg. item price of 1,356g 67s 35c
Glyphs: 547 sold for 20,473g, avg. item price of 37g 42s 78c
Other: 72 sold for 17,578g, avg. item price of 244g 13s 89c

Glyph quantities shot up from the 303 total last week, while the average price dropped from 55g.  I’m still making a solid profit at 37g per glyph however, so I’m not concerned yet.

Nothing new and noteworthy on the top page this week.

Until next week, happy sales !

FUT 17 – Wow : The Black Market Auction House

It was all the way back on May 12 that MMO-Champion first mentioned the black market auction house from the Mists of Pandaria beta.  Many blog posts, podcast discussions and forum comments followed — the topic has been well covered. And surprise it’s could be the same for FIFA 17 (if you are a fan) with monedas fut 18 baratas

Anne Stickney at WoW Insider made great points in her article on 3 things the Black Market Auction House needs to succeed.  Her three keys for success are :

  • Accessibility — items available on the BMAH should be available by other means elsewhere, so if you don’t have mega-gold for that sweet mount you can invest mega-time to get it.
  • Availability — the number of each item available on the BMAH should be limited correctly to keep competition for items high and keep their rarity in line with the same item obtained in other ways.  In other words, if it’s nearly impossible to farm an item because the drop rate is ultra-low, it should only be available on the BMAH in ultra-low quantities.
  • Accountability — items from the BMAH should not be able to be resold, therefore they should either be bind on account or bind on pickup.

I like this line of reasoning.  The idea seems to be that the BMAH should take gold out of the game to fight inflation without changing the rarity or prestige of the items it sells.

What I’m not so sure about is that the BMAH should not sell items unavailable by other means.  There are items in the game now that are only obtainable by reaching high levels of a particular type of game play, PvP gear for example.  Why is it unfair to offer high-level gold earners exclusive rewards just like high-level PvPers get?

Arguably the traveler’s tundra mammoth is a reward available only to accomplished gold earners.  When it was introduced the price tag was far out of reach for most players.  Was that unfair?  Offering exclusive, high cost items on the BMAH is actually better and more fair than offering them at a fixed price on a vendor.  It means there will be competition to get the item, and the price will keep up with inflation.

Since we first heard about the BMAH there have been adjustments made to the items offered there, and I believe the cap on bids was raised to match the gold cap of 999,999g. I take these changes as a sign that everything is still on the table, as is always the case with functions implemented in a beta.  We may never see the BMAH on live servers — there has been a big outcry by some vocal players that they hate the idea of it.

The black market auction house would kill two birds with one stone for me — it would be a better gold sink than those of the past and it would offer gold earners some recognition of their accomplishments.  So if it is drastically changed, or not introduced, I hope both of these objectives are still achieved somehow.

Gold Earning

It just struck me — I might have to change the name of a key portion / section of this blog, and change how I write about gold and the auction house in World of Warcraft.  I don’t know when I noticed it first over the past few days, possibly when I was writing my post about achievements, but I’m not sure.  Sorry I can’t credit the author or origin of what I’ve noticed — I’ve been trying to network and read so many other blogs in the past few days it’s a bit of a blur.


Where ever I got the idea it just sunk in :

What we do is Gold Earning, not Gold Making!

The term gold earning implies there is true value in the activity.  You earn achievements.  You earn valor points and xp, not make them.  I’ve always contended that trying to increase the gold you have is an equally valid form of game play if you enjoy it.  So why not use the same language to describe it?

What to you think ?  Should I change my categories, tags, etc ?