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making wow gold : Immersing myself, Horde side…

Since I already have a mage and am very comfortable with the class I thought it would be a great idea to hold off playing undead mage for a while. I decided to focus my attention on leveling a priest. I have two low level priest for the Alliance side; Draenei and Dwarf but for […]

WOW Decisions: Regular or epic flying mount ?

It didn’t seem that long ago when Holiterra got her regular ground mount from Thuron’s Livery . As soon as she dinged 60 she flew into Silvermoon city, headed back to Thuron’s Livery and selected her epic ground mount. I’ve included a picture of that occasion above. Holiterra finally chose the blue hawkstrider. Unlike ground […]

Professional Chinese Gold Farmer tells all

On this blog you can find tips about mining Wow gold. But you can buy gold for Wow at this page too : http://protein-gold.com exclusive interview of the masters in our gold farming blog  … enjoy

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Remember Cataclysm : Time is running out

4 days till Cataclysm is released ! The excitment is building up and time is running out. I have just been invited to the best guild on my realm to help with guild achivements [mainly pvp ones] and I will get those juicy guild perks in cataclysm which will be a really nice bonus. There […]


Wow weekend : It’s Flipping Time !

Over the last couple months, Flipping items has become pretty much the main way I have been making gold [except for glyphs in 4.0.1]. I have starting planning for the long run, and have started to fill one of my guild bank tabs of High value items. Just a quick list of the items in […]


Epic Gems Only From Deathwing Raid

Panic at the Auction House Many players who has stocked lot’s of pyrite ore has now nice amounts of “useless” pyrite ore. Some of them will just post them to Auction House with ridiculous low prices (Actually I’m seeing some panic on my own server atm, but not huge drop on prices.) What to do […]


Sales Week Ending 6/20

Late post tonight.  Family was in town for lunch so I’ve been preoccupied most of the day.  Without further ado, let’s get into this week. Beginning of Week Gold: 608,000g End of Week Gold: 702,460g Increase/Decrease: 94,460g Increase Sales : 179,590g Spending : 85,912g Profit/Loss : 93,678g Avg. Price per Item : 179g 94s 99c […]


Sales Week Ending 2/27

Another week finished, let’s get into it ! Beginning of Week Gold: 702,460g End of Week Gold: 572,929g Increase/Decrease: 129,531g Decrease Sales: 149,734g Spending: 273,322g Profit/Loss: 123,588 Loss Avg. Price Per Item: 124g 98s 74c Sales are down ~30k from last week but this doesn’t disappoint me much.  A lot of the spending this week […]

Mail Basics and Using CODs – end

End of my post about   Mail Basics and Using CODs Delivery Times Text only messages with no attachments arrive immediately Mail sent to a character on the same account as the sending character will arrive immediately Any mail, including those with attachments or money, sent between characters in the same guild will arrive immediately […]

FUT 17 – Wow : The Black Market Auction House

It was all the way back on May 12 that MMO-Champion first mentioned the black market auction house from the Mists of Pandaria beta.  Many blog posts, podcast discussions and forum comments followed — the topic has been well covered. And surprise it’s could be the same for FIFA 17 (if you are a fan) […]

Mail Basics and Using CODs

I think it was on an episode of Call to Auction that the hosts discussed the fact that a lot of players don’t understand how the COD mail system works, and therefore they are afraid to use it.  (By the way, Call to Auction is fantastic — I’m so glad they are back and I […]


What’s your favourite sales tracking addon for Wow gold ?

Firstly, I’d like to state that I’m not dead and that there is indeed a reason why I’m not publishing a gold-related post every second day or so. I’m working on lots of things, not only WoW-related, and my time has become somewhat scarce for the moment. Therefore, I’m sorry that I will not write […]


I Hate WoW Achievements

As the title says, I hate WoW achievements. Why ? Because I enjoy PvP in WoW. Specifically, in battlegrounds. Yes, I’m sure that’s not hardcore enough for you leet gank groups that cut your teeth on the blood of the damned in Darkfall or blow up Titans in Eve with your tackler or whatever. I […]