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… actually is a failure, at least that’s how it feels like. I just bought the Vial of the Sands, and now I’m disappointed!

Is that really all you can do, Blizzard? At first I thought I had accidentally mounted my Drake of the West Wind or something. Now, what’s in the box? A chopper, perhaps? Mammoth, maybe? Another boring yet expensive waste of time and gold?

Yes, I knew how the dragon looked like before I bought it, and I don’t care about the gold. But still, it didn’t feel as impressive at it should’ve felt. Or is it only me?

At least it looks like half of Orgrimmar has transformed into a malicious gold-sucking abomination-dragon-thingy. Anyone out there who actually enjoys that dragon?

It’s almost as  bad as the Reigns of the Crimson Deathcharger that I bought once but never dared to use because of its extremely ordinary look.