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Remember Cataclysm : Time is running out

4 days till Cataclysm is released !

The excitment is building up and time is running out. I have just been invited to the best guild on my realm to help with guild achivements [mainly pvp ones] and I will get those juicy guild perks in cataclysm which will be a really nice bonus. There is also the slight option of getting back into raiding with cataclysm with this guild as they are mainly a pve progression guild, depending on how I feel about raiding when the time comes and if time allows it.

I really needed to make a list of things I intend to do before the Deathwing tears Azeroth apart, so here it is.

-Complete “The Insane” title.
-level my 63 Hunter and 74 priest to at least 75, 80 if I can manage.
-Farm Mgt heroic and Sethekk halls heroic daily [if possible] to get the Raven lord and white Hawkstrider mounts.
-solo Zul’gurub each reset for – Raptor pets, Tiger and Raptor mounts, Reputation and Rep items [coins and bijou’s]
-keep reposting glyphs
-start farming molten core for the bindings again.

This last week I have just been reposting my glyphs every 2 days and posting a couple 30+ sp enchants on the ah and managed to make 30k gold which is a pretty good week.