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Epic Gems Only From Deathwing Raid

Panic at the Auction House

Many players who has stocked lot’s of pyrite ore has now nice amounts of “useless” pyrite ore. Some of them will just post them to Auction House with ridiculous low prices (Actually I’m seeing some panic on my own server atm, but not huge drop on prices.)

What to do with all this ore?

I didn’t stock any ore, but I can try to share some tips what you can do with you ore.

  1. Sell them at Auction House, maybe not the best idea.
  2. Craft some Ebonsteel Belt Buckles, they require pyrite bars
  3. Start crafting Truegolds, there might be some new recipes in 4.3.
  4. Prospect and shuffle.

Only from raids?

Well, even that we have official word that they are obtainable only from Deathwing raid, it may still change, maybe. But let’s not build hopes too high.


– Gold Making Tips From the Mountains

  • Listen Trade Chat, it may give you some ideas what you can sell about no competition. Ex. If someone is shouting that he needs Adamantite Rod and there is none at Auction House, you can craft few of those and monitor that market if it is profitable and low competition
  • I read great comment from some blog (If someone remembers where and who said that, tell me : p). I don’t remember how it exactly went but somehow like this “Never underestimate what amount gold  ’stupid player’  has.” I don’t really want call people stupid, but someones are really lazy and may purchase some items with really high price.
  • Little chit chat can bring some customers back to you. Usually when I sell fortune cards, I wish good luck for them and congratulate if they wins and try to chat random thinks with them. Now some people sometimes will whisper me, if I have x item for sale.
  • Know when it’s good time to post items. Like on server reset days you will see peak on enchant and gem markets. At weekends leveling gear will sell better.
  • Taking some breaks is acceptable, don’t burnout yourself!
  • Try to find new markets, The Undermine Journal is a great tool to check your servers prices and maybe can help to find some niches.
  • Post high competition items with 12 hour list time.