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Sales Week Ending 2/27

Another week finished, let’s get into it !

Beginning of Week Gold: 702,460g
End of Week Gold: 572,929g
Increase/Decrease: 129,531g Decrease

Sales: 149,734g
Spending: 273,322g
Profit/Loss: 123,588 Loss

Avg. Price Per Item: 124g 98s 74c

Sales are down ~30k from last week but this doesn’t disappoint me much.  A lot of the spending this week was for fun things, like gearing out my warlock and druid, which amounted to 168,421g.  When you remove that from the ‘Spending’ category above the end result is a profit of 44,833g.

Breakdown of Sales:
Gems: 530 sold for 45,206g, avg. item price of 85g 26s 43c
Enchants: 49 sold for 66,477g, avg. item price of 1,356g 67s 35c
Glyphs: 547 sold for 20,473g, avg. item price of 37g 42s 78c
Other: 72 sold for 17,578g, avg. item price of 244g 13s 89c

Glyph quantities shot up from the 303 total last week, while the average price dropped from 55g.  I’m still making a solid profit at 37g per glyph however, so I’m not concerned yet.

Nothing new and noteworthy on the top page this week.

Until next week, happy sales !