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Gold Earning

It just struck me — I might have to change the name of a key portion / section of this blog, and change how I write about gold and the auction house in World of Warcraft.  I don’t know when I noticed it first over the past few days, possibly when I was writing my post about achievements, but I’m not sure.  Sorry I can’t credit the author or origin of what I’ve noticed — I’ve been trying to network and read so many other blogs in the past few days it’s a bit of a blur.


Where ever I got the idea it just sunk in :

What we do is Gold Earning, not Gold Making!

The term gold earning implies there is true value in the activity.  You earn achievements.  You earn valor points and xp, not make them.  I’ve always contended that trying to increase the gold you have is an equally valid form of game play if you enjoy it.  So why not use the same language to describe it?

What to you think ?  Should I change my categories, tags, etc ?