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Thoughts on Pyrite

Something that I’ve been seeing quite a lot of is people /laughing at those of us who have pyrite ore stocked for epic gems come patch 4.3.  Well I have just one thing to say to you, the joke is on you.

Take into consideration that most people who took the time to stockpile pyrite probably did so when the prices were dirt cheap (on my server stacks dropped as low as 40g).  I personally filled an entire 6 tab guild bank plus an entire characters bank/bags with 36 slot mining bags full of pyrite, and I never once paid more than 65g per stack.  I bought all this well aware that if epic gems came through prospecting I would make a fortune, but if they didn’t, I would still make a large profit.

Pyrite may be called ‘Fool’s Gold’ in real life, however in the World of Warcraft it is the exact opposite.  It is used for many different items such as pyrium bars for truegold, or even items that people have to have (belt buckles anyone?).  And when prospected it drops volatile earth.  Oh but Breshota, volatile earth is dirt cheap and not worth anything.  Think again.  Volatile earth can be used in the major strength to bracer enchant, belt buckles, drakehide leg armor, and dreamcloth cooldowns.  All of which are big time sellers (dreamcloth as spellthreads).  Common gems can be crafted into jewelry and disenchanted, lowering the cost to make scrolls.  Plus pyrite tends to drop more rare gems than elementium, increasing the profits even more.


In conclusion.  If you are trying to dump all your pyrite now that the news about epic gems has come out, don’t.  Pyrite has to be the easiest way to diversify yourself on the auction house with all the different possibilities it has.