Monthly Archives: May 2015

Sales Week

First week of March is complete, let’s look at what happened on Wow !

Beginning of Week Gold: 572,929g
End of Week Gold: 577,324g
Increase/Decrease: 4,395g Increase

Sales: 212,641g
Spending: 201,408g
Profit/Loss: 11,233g Profit

Avg. Price Per Item: 139g 43s 70c

First off I want to say that the big gap in gold increase compared to profit is due to some fun I’m having with my guild mates.  We often /roll for gold just for the hell of it and somehow I managed to lose all 3 rolls we did this week.

Sales jumped ~62k from last week but I definitely put a lot more time into canceling and re-posting this week.  Gem prices plummeted mid week and you’ll see that in my averages breakdown.  Enchants are also down while glyphs and ‘others’ rose.  Most of my spending this week was for my enchanting market.  While scrolls are decreasing in price, maelstrom crystals continue to hold their ground at 180g-200g each.

Breakdown of Sales :
Gems: 852 sold for 47,413g, avg. item price of 55g 64s 91c
Enchants: 112 sold for 120,455g, avg. item price of 1,075g 49s 10c
Glyphs: 470 sold for 19,826g, avg. item price of 42g 18s 30c
Other: 91 sold for 24946g, avg. item price of 274g 13s 19c

With the exception of glyphs, quantities are up this week, largely due to my increased activity at the auction house.  I noticed, as I’m sure others have, that botters seem to be back in full force.  Elementium ore has dropped drastically and, as I stated above, gems prices have suffered because of it.  There is still plenty of profit to be made, but 200g+ inferno rubies are no more, at least for the time being.  I would venture to assume that the herb market is similar but I am fully stocked on inks so I have not checked out herbs recently.

As usual, my top page continues along with minimal changes.