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Daily Routine

note : this will be a ‘living draft’ that i’ll continue to update.

Login to Peilan, check scroll sales, cancel undercuts (and short auctions), repost auctions, check for undercuts, after this second round of undercuts one of two things, buy cheap or adjust my threshold. as my thteshold is already much cheaper then mats cost, I typically buyout. really depends on the mats.

Swap over to Avlox, check gem and enchant mats sales, cut gems that sold, and repost cut gems. Craft missing scrolls send over to peilan, post raw enchant mats on AH.
Back to peilan and post the filled up slots if some were empty, otherwise stay on Avlox and do the shuffle.
when i need more metas, i’ll send a batch over to Retiree to be cut.
once done on Avlox and peilan with the shuffle. i head over to retiree and swap some volatiles around with living elements. then off to other random alts / things im trying.. Taeldor for bags / deathsilk items.. Glyphs if some Fortune card barking sounds good.. etc..

Addons That Will Help You on Wow Gold Making


These addons changes look of your Auction House interface and adds new features to it, like scanning the whole auction house and shows if item priced higher than normally.

I personally use Auctioneer for posting and searching items and Auctionator if I need to buy many stacks.


This is great tool to anyone who prospects. You can input how many stacks you are buying ore and price per stack, and then OreCrusher will tell you estimated gains of prospecting. It will also tell how much gold you would gain if you craft greenies and disenchant them or how much you would gain if you transmute them.

Note : of course you buy gold for wow easily : here


Must to have addon for every auction masters. This addon will save you lots of time. It’s module based addon, so there is many features example.

  • Automates your posting and cancel process (Checks prices and undercuts that amount you have set, checks if you have been undercut)
  • Auto Mail items to alt
  • Crafting queues (Hard to keep track what glyphs you have at AH? This will remember what glyphs you don’t have in bags or auction house and will place that item to crafting queue)
  • And much more


One by one clicking through you mailbox can be painfully, but Postal will do that for you. It will open your mails and collect items/gold from them and at the end it will tell you how much gold was looted.


Ever wanted too see statics of your sales, well.. MySales can track you sells. For example, it can show how much someone has spent to your auctions, how many Inferno Rubies you have sold and much gold you gained for them. How much you have sold in 8 hours and much more nice data.


Url to download these add ons :