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wow guld : Farmer Report

wow Cataclysm BoE Greens ft. Potion of Treasure Finding

Why I want to farm these in Wow?

These green items are often better than epic quality gear, that were available on end of WoTKL, and you can wear them before you are level 80 !



This means that you can wear these awesome pieces of armor and PWN your way in BG’s and do questing super fast.

So basically, if you have gold and there is these BoE greens at AH, you can buy some ‘boost’ to your leveling speed.

My farming journey

Farming greenies is pretty simple, just kill mobs and hope that they do drop some lewt loot. att leverera ditt Wow Guld,

On my 1 hour farming session, I choosed to farm at Mount Hyjal, because there is mobs, that are more likely to drop cataclysm items which requires levels 78-79 to wear them. (Below is a image of my 2 favorite farming spots)

I also grabbed one Potion of Treasure Finding to boost my loot gains. Potion gives you buff which allows you to loot  Tiny Treasure Chest from mobs sometimes, this chest can contain Gold, Volatile stuff, BoEs, Ore and other stuff.

Is it worth it ?

After killing and looting tons of mobs the  Treasure potion finally run off. In one hour I managed to loot

potion of treasure

14x Tiny Treasure Chests


304g (Loots/Trash items/Chests)
151x Embersilk Cloth
23x BoE Green items
28x Volatile Fire
8x Volatile Earth
4x Volatile Life
3x Volatile Air
13x Elementium Ore
9x Pyrite Ore

Design: Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond

That is pretty good result, one hour and 23 boe greens + I was lucky enough to loot that Design too for Wow guld.

My plan is to sell Non-weapons for 280g and weapons about for 340g. 48h listing (Post and forget). I have sold many boes in past weeks, so these should go with these prices on my server.


– I’m A Great Gold Sink

  1. I like to gather like amounts of gold and just bank them
  2. Blizzard doesn’t need to use program skills to me
  3. I PAY 13€/month to be a gold sink
  4. No need to to design new gold sink because I will anyway obtain more gold.
  5. Because I like to bank my gold, it wont move to other players.
  6. I can use cola as gold making fuel.
  7. köpa wow guld

I’m great tool for blizzard and hate mail is always fun to read.

Do you have anything to add to this list ?