Monthly Archives: December 2014


Time to take some time off.  The blog, and gold making in general, is going to the bottom of my To Do List.

A number of reasons are responsible for this:
– After hitting the 1 million cap, then spending half of it I am lacking the motivation to continue and am taking a break, compared to forcing myself and burning out
– Mid-patch slump
– Pre-expansion slump
– My doctors have told me that I am finally cancer free and this makes me want to be more active
– I’m finally strong enough to get out and be more active

There are other reasons but you get the idea.

In the mean time I will continue to raid with my team, be active in the <Power Word Guild> on US Lightbringer – Alliance, and grind out mogging sets for my alts.  I am watching a decent amount of livestream from great people like Jim Younkin formerly “Flux” of Power Word: Gold and Faid from Clockwork Riot and Nerf Faids.  Lot of links, I know, but if you are interested in their livestreams specifically then you can find them and a few others here.

As for this blog, I hope to be back and writing for Mists of Pandaria but I will determine that as we get closer to the launch.

Until then, happy sales!