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auto-auctions gold farmers

Let me tell you what it does!
I am sure all of you gold farmers out there have heard of flipping haven’t you?

Well this program searches the auction house without wow needing to be open and buys any items in your list of items made under a certain price which you also set and buys them out.

It also does something called ‘baiting’.
This is when it posts 1 of the current items slightly above the price you want to buyout the current item for.
This is to manipulate the market and to make people undercut you so you can then buy them all out and make profit.
This will not work with items such as armor and weapons but works great with items such as:

  • Eternals
  • Ore
  • Cloth
  • Bars
  • Other raw materials

About the TOS of World of Warcraft
This is what Markco had to say about the risks of using this with the TOS.



Worth it?
I think it is worth it in my opinion, it saves you a lot of time and works in the background while you do other things such as browse or watch a movie, you don’t even have to be logged into WoW for this to work.

A lot of users of this program have posted success with this program where they have bought items such as ‘First Mate Hat’ for 1g and sold it an hour later for 5000g netting 4999g (minus the AH cut) in profit.

What’s bad about it?

Apart from the UI not being to aesthetic and the “thin line around the TOS” I would say nothing is wrong with it.

We all know flipping is very basic, but lets face it. It will get you gold and can make you very large profits very quickly when used correctly.