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making wow gold : Immersing myself, Horde side…

Since I already have a mage and am very comfortable with the class I thought it would be a great idea to hold off playing undead mage for a while.

I decided to focus my attention on leveling a priest. I have two low level priest for the Alliance side; Draenei and Dwarf but for some reason playing a draenei priest never appealed to me and although I love my dwarf priest I’ve decided to put her on hold until months later.

My biggest decision was hat type of Horde priest should I make? I was leaning towards another undead toon. I really love them a lot (female undead, tauren, orc, and troll are my favorite toons in WOW) but I decided to remake my blood elf priest that is currently slumbering on Demon Soul server. sine I’m on a mini vacation this week I was able to knock out 16 levels in two days, not bad considering I wasn’t playing all day. I level fast.

Making WOW Gold

priest-gold My priest has already made a little over 10g in the Auction House. Which isn’t too bad considering I’ve only had this toon for two days, and only started putting things in the Auction House yesterday. Since this is my first toon I decided to pick two gathering professions; Herbalism and skinning although I haven’t put up a lot for auction what I have listed have sold. Earlier this morning I logged on long enough to park my undead mage at Origrammer so now I’ll be sending my items to her to sell at the AH. That is until I create a level one “bank toon” who’s only job will be to sell items I send her way. Creating a bank alt is a great way to not only have another toon to do the selling for you but you can free up bag space when you are doing a lot of questing.

My Alliance toons have made a lot of wow gold so much so that I don’t have to think about how much something cost. If I want it I can buy whatever I want. It’s nice to see that I most likely will be at the point where I don’t have to think about the cost of items. A person can easily make money within WOW if you follow the AH and know what sells. You don’t have to spend real money purchasing WOW gold from gold farmers.

Questing; soloing and grouping, while having a blast…

I really enjoy solo questing however at times I want to be in a group which is why I’m Zul’jin with a full population the ability to be in a PUG (pick up group) is high. I’ve already met some nice people in-game. The first day I logged onto Zul’Jin I grouped with another priest (more on that in a later post) and it was an extremely enjoyable experience. We hung out questing for at least three hours and had a blast.

Although I have Horde toons on a few servers, I never stayed for more than a few weeks I did not like the servers I was on, and most of my buddies played for Alliance. It really sucked since I like Horde side much better. Thus far, I’m enjoying the server. I also like being on a server where I really don’t know anyone. Sure I enjoy my Alliance buddies, but I’m liking that I’m meeting new people also.

Additionally, since I haven’t played Horde as much a lot of the content still feels “new” to me since I haven’t done the quests so many times. I’m loving it!

Alliance warrior giving grief to the lowbies in Ghostlands

If you listen to some of the Alliance tell the story Horde is always annoying the heck out of low level Alliance players I’ve been on both sides of the equation and I can honestly say it’s done by both sides although in my limited experience most of the gankings in the low level areas have been done by Alliance taking out quest givers in Horde areas; however, I know everyone has had different experiences.

Last evening a night elf warrior decided to come out and play with low level toons in Ghostlands. Uhm, yippie? Christ he was annoying! He killed the quest givers which meant that we couldn’t turn in our quests. Sighs…

Extra time to play WOW

How was I able to play so much with my extremely active five-year old daughter? My daughter was not feeling well last evening so shortly after she arrived home she was in bed. I brought my MacBook Pro into her room so I could watch over her shortly after completing my work I logged into WOW and started playing the game. Playing for x amount of hours nonstop is a rare luxury and I’ll occasionally I’ll indulge.

Gaming has always been a nice way for me to take a break from my busy life. There are other activities I enjoy like working out, reading, being outside, and hanging with my daughter is tops on the list but gaming has always been my one purely “me activity” that I enjoy.

Time is running out

Remember : this is gold for mmo games tips

44 days till Wow Cataclysm is released!

The excitment is building up and time is running out. I have just been invited to the best guild on my realm to help with guild achivements [mainly pvp ones] and I will get those juicy guild perks in cataclysm which will be a really nice bonus. There is also the slight option of getting back into raiding with cataclysm with this guild as they are mainly a pve progression guild, depending on how I feel about raiding when the time comes and if time allows it.

I really needed to make a list of things I intend to do before the Deathwing tears Azeroth apart, so here it is. See Wow gold secret way video

-Complete “The Insane” title.
-level my 63 Hunter and 74 priest to at least 75, 80 if I can manage.
-Farm Mgt heroic and Sethekk halls heroic daily [if possible] to get the Raven lord and white Hawkstrider mounts.
-solo Zul’gurub each reset for – Raptor pets, Tiger and Raptor mounts, Reputation and Rep items [coins and bijou’s]
-keep reposting glyphs
-start farming molten core for the bindings again.

This last week I have just been reposting my glyphs every 2 days and posting a couple 30+ sp enchants on the ah and managed to make 30k gold which is a pretty good week.