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WOW Decisions: Regular or epic flying mount ?

It didn’t seem that long ago when Holiterra got her regular ground mount from Thuron’s Livery . As soon as she dinged 60 she flew into Silvermoon city, headed back to Thuron’s Livery and selected her epic ground mount. I’ve included a picture of that occasion above. Holiterra finally chose the blue hawkstrider.
Unlike ground mounts you don’t get reputation discounts for the flying mounts. There is one exception you can purchase the Nether Ray if you are exalted with the Sha’tari Skyguard. Besides that be prepared to pay the full price.

How much do flying mounts cost?

1. Expert riding skill training – 800G, Flying mount – 100G
2. Artistan Riding Skill – 5000G, Epic Flying Mount – 200G
Holiterra is close to level 67. She’s starting to think about flying mounts? Her only decision is which one to choose, regular or epic flying mount? What, she actually has a choice? You bet, Holiterra actually has enough to WOW gold to purchase the epic flying mount right now. I’ve had my priest for a little over a month and have already made over 5000G. I wasn’t wasting my time farming for WOW gold. More in this video Gold rush Wow (I know for some that isn’t a waste of time and in this case I’m applying this to myself only. It isn’t my playing style.) I’d rather be doing what I enjoy instances, solo questing, battlegrounds, with exploration tossed into the mix.

My bank toon took a break from the auction house

Kaleera, my bank toon has been on vacation for about a week, during that time she did nit sell anything at the AH. That didn’t stop Holiterra from sending her items several times daily so when Kaleera logged into her mailbox last evening she had a lot of items to sorth through and place at the auction house.
Kaleera placed the majority of the items on sale at the AH. She made over 1000G in a few short hours. Logging onto Kaleera this morning I noticed several more items have sold and many are in the pending status. It looks like Holiterra is going to have a very profitable weekend.

Why isn’t Holiterra purchasing the epic flying mount?

I’m hesitant to purchase the epic flying mount now since that would take a large chunk out of her WOW gold. Yes, I know I can easily make it back but I don’t like going below a certain point, at the moment that level is 2000 gold. Most likely Holiterra will purchase the regular flying mount and getting the epic later within a few weeks. In the expansion, you won’t be able to use your flying mount for quite a few levels so Holiterra will be riding around on her epic ground mount anyway.

Elemental Invasions Started

With the start of the elemental invasions [wow cataclysm ones] now active on live realms, I have a sudden sense of urgency to get the insane achivement completed. With this in mind I am going to be spending a lot of gold on Librams, Pristine black diamonds and Heavy Lockboxes.

Now is the time where you can make quite a bit of easy gold praying on the slackers like me who havnt quite finished the insane in the membrane acheivement.

You should be able to sell librams of Focus, Protection and Rapidity for near 500g each! same for Pristine Black Diamonds and if you find anyone willing to buy Heavy lockboxes you can probably farm these at a pretty good Gold per hour rate. Im currently buying 1 box for 30g and need 1405 in total to get exhalted with ravenholt.

Take advantage of the people trying to get the insane title. I will start flipping these items when I have the title myself.