Monthly Archives: January 2014

Weekly Update

This week was trying… Spent some time working on my first addon, liquid assets which is in early beta, but its something I’ve been spending a bit of time on, we’ll call it my gateway addon, I have many more ideas for things I want to code so we’ll get there! Also leveled up my 3rd x 85, retiree, was done level 81 thru 85 entirely from Archaeology, which is a fantastic way to level, assuming you have an addon like Archy (there are 2 branches i can see on WoWInterface, seems a dead, but working, project) keeping you company, along with Netflix and working on the addon, the better parts of the week were spent actually learning more lua basics, and getting the structure down, an enjoyable experience.. anywho.. on to the gold making

First up is spent, I did purchase another darkmoon deck at 8k, along with a few other pieces of gear totaling about 2k for alts and a friend. Another 8k or so was sunk into more ore which is getting really annoying, but an evil i must compete with, I mean buy from. Notes are really bad from this week, so im not sure i spent much more then that.

Income this week was entirely from cut rare gems and about 4k from enchant scrolls, I was able to pull myself back into the positive from the mass spending on ore the prior week. So total gold on hold currently is 232k, but I should easily be 240k by the end of the night, I’m going through the 40+ stacks of uncommon gems, cut and vendor 9g per is unbeatable when your buying a ton of Obsidium Ore under 54g a stack (which is the average prospect, cut and vendor rate).

This next week I’ll be back to slamming the Scroll market hard, and working on shrinking my stack of shadowspirit diamons, as I’m currently sitting on 230 uncit, I do have the Str, Agi and Int cuts, so that will really help me shrink that stack quick, posting 4 at a time cut (and uncut) as low as 95g threshold, which is still above my 81g per gem vendor conversion (add in transmute spec procs) and I’m pulling in substantial profits there, so those will be a focus. As for the scroll markets, I’m going to see about finding a maelstrom supply, so I can attempt to sell some of those in enchant form, there are ZERO people posting maelstrom required scrolls.

What markets have you been trying lately? I’m currently looking for more Cataclysm level material suggestions, would love to hear em!

Gold Journey Update: 200k Milestone Reached

Today, or actually yesterday on last hours, I hit my second mark, 200k wow gold. So I’m 1/5 away from my grand milestone, the 1,000,000 gold.

This 100k went little faster than my first, because I kinda know what I’m doing and just not messing around. I could have reached this point faster, but I decided to buy Sandstone Drake (33k) and 2 Firelands BoEs with 50k.

Where did I get profit?

I don’t have MySales data available, because my Interface seems to like reset every other day or something, but most of my profit came from glyphs, enchanting mats and gems.

I tried new market, Gems and impressed how much gold you gain by cutting rares. I have been lazy and haven’t done JC dailys, but now I’m doing ‘em everyday. My friend cuts me some gems, because he has lots of recipes.

I have also one little new market, a level 77-79 Green items. Sells about 240-320g per item and it’s fun to farm on down times.

What future holds

Everyday I’m shufflin’“, I’ll keep my gem business on and maybe go away  from glyph markets little bit, because I have been heavily undercuted lately and I don’t want AH 24/7, and college limits it little bit.

I’ll hope that I hit my 300k in few weeks already.