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The most exquisite gold sink

… actually is a failure, at least that’s how it feels like. I just bought the Vial of the Sands, […]


Pandaria : Ideas for New Auction House Features

The current WoW auction house has good and bad features.  The standard auction house interface is poor, but Blizzard’s facilitation […]


Remember Cataclysm : Time is running out

4 days till Cataclysm is released ! The excitment is building up and time is running out. I have just […]


Wow weekend : It’s Flipping Time !

Over the last couple months, Flipping items has become pretty much the main way I have been making gold [except […]


Epic Gems Only From Deathwing Raid

Panic at the Auction House Many players who has stocked lot’s of pyrite ore has now nice amounts of “useless” […]


Sales Week Ending 6/20

Late post tonight.  Family was in town for lunch so I’ve been preoccupied most of the day.  Without further ado, […]


Sales Week Ending 2/27

Another week finished, let’s get into it ! Beginning of Week Gold: 702,460g End of Week Gold: 572,929g Increase/Decrease: 129,531g […]

Mail Basics and Using CODs – end

End of my post about   Mail Basics and Using CODs Delivery Times Text only messages with no attachments arrive […]

FUT 17 – Wow : The Black Market Auction House

It was all the way back on May 12 that MMO-Champion first mentioned the black market auction house from the […]

Mail Basics and Using CODs

I think it was on an episode of Call to Auction that the hosts discussed the fact that a lot […]