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Workshop on machinimas and cinematics of MMOs in Boston .


Lan-party in amsterdam for Call of duty 


Contribution  to the MMorpg's co-working in Paris,  with the team " gold for wow " , of Goodsgarden (USA Detroit)


participation to the "serious games" forum of IDATE  in Montpellier (France)


Wow TCG : preview the Illidian loot with free mmo Beta gold codes. Loot it before you buy it !

The loot cards in The Hunt for Illidan will open exclusive goodies in the World of Warcraft MMO that are sure to be worth a demon's ransom, but here's how you can try that loot for free


Workshop on cinematics of MMOrpg's in Paris La Cantine, with Blizzard and Ubisoft teams


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Wow level 85

Gold for MMO games, If you want to know how to find gold for games online : follow us and read the video tutorials  release for that on our website. The gold is the protein of games online : nowadays a lot of players can't follow the rhythm  of series like Guild wars  . So its usefull for them to know the secrets places where gold is hidden...

For exemple, gold for runescape method : "Defence grapheme core". This is an soft, albeit monotonous, way to excrete gold money. To do this you change to hold realized the Rune Mysteries hunt and you requisite a respectable pickaxe.
"Smithing Brace Exerciser" : for Runescape this is probably the most consistently productive method immediate in this pass, however you fuck to be studious sometimes otherwise you can retrogress a emotional bit of money.

Take a look at various methods to mining gold on the following videos ...
What's Protein for MMO games ?


here we'll look briefly  at the different kinds of gold for games (diablo 3 , guild wars 2, Wow, runescape) that can be founded on the Internet , the different sorts of communication that takes place and some specific gaming termes and expressions

Let's play !

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 with our videos, lets players rank to  gaming easily  : see which ones are most appreciated in each of the major categories place and some specific gaming
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How I'm making gold with Darkmoon cards on Wow ?


Darkmoon card of destruction, This is the name of the recipe which creates 1 out of 32 different items, in these 32 items there are 4 different sets of 8 card types which can be combined together to create a deck. These 4 different kinds of decks start a quest which can be completed at the darkmoon faire which is only in Azeroth one week out of every month, The quest these decks complete give awesome epic trinkets as there rewards (find us on our wow gold making blog for more features...)

Hurricane deck –
Tsunami deck –
Earthquake deck –
Volcanic deck –

Now you may be thinking ok, ill create 8 cards and make the awesome trinket I want, but it was never going to be this easy with Blizzard, With the cards created being 1 random card out of the 32 different available, it is highly unlikely that you will be getting the cards you need so what i have been doing is just making more and more of them until I do get what need for a full deck.

Now to create one cards into Wow, you will need the following materials.

1 x Resilient Parchment [vendor item]
10 x Inferno Ink [Ink crafted with inscription milled from Cataclysm herbs]
30 x Volatile Life [Gathered from Herb's with herbalism]

well resilient parchment is obviously the easy one to get, no problem there as you can just buy it from your local inscription vendor for 50 silver each at neutral, 40 silver at exalted.

Inferno ink, now this little ink is quite a pain. To craft this ink you need the rare pigment Burning embers which is found in the new cataclysm herbs [Cinderbloom, Heartblossom, Azshara's Veil, Stormvine, Whiptail and Twilight Jasmine - in order of lowest chance for burning embers to highest chance]

I have mainly been milling Whiptail as they are relatively cheap for the materials they give. I have been getting around 10-12 Ashen pigments [ 5-6 blackfallow ink] and 2-3 burning embers [ 1-1.5 Inferno ink per stack]

You can also trade in 10 Blackfallow inks for 1 Inferno ink at Jessica sellers in daralan, I have been doing this as I am going for volume this darkmoon faire and am struggling finding herbs as it is, which means I wouldn’t be able to use my blackfallow on mysterious fortune card to get more gold to buy more herbs anyway.

I have normally been buying my herbs at 150-250 for Whiptail 60-120 for Cinderbloom and Volatile Life’s between 5g and 20g.

On Wow, I have lost count of how many herbs and volatile life’s i have bought, Lost count of the amount of milling I have done and also the glorious afk crafting time to create the Ink’s. But after all this I know one thing, that I am taking a massive risk, I have invested around half a million gold into crafting these cards and creating these decks. and so far I have created 25 complete decks which I will be trading in for the Trinkets when the next faire rolls into town.

Now that I have quite a lot of random cards, I don’t know the best method to make those into full decks, I have heard people say that I can trade with my competition to complete my decks, But this will only be helping those who I am selling against, So I think it may be best for me to just make as many cards with the remaining herbs I have left to buy, and maybe even sell the duplicates to buy cards from the auction house to complete decks.

In the screen shot above I have 4 columns of my different decks which are from left to right, 6 Hurricane decks,5 Tsunami decks, 8 Volcano decks and 6 Earthquake decks.

This is defiantly the highest risk way of making gold I have ever tried or it at least feels like it. 500k investment and I could see myself doubling my investment, depends on supply and demand tho I guess. Wish me luck ha in Wow.

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